Social & Emotional Learning in the Classroom (2010) by Kenneth W. Merrell and Barbara A. Gueldner

Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom: Promoting Mental Health and Academic Success, is a book written by Drs. Ken Merrell and Barbara Gueldner, and published by The Guilford Press. With increasing evidence that academic performance is enhanced when social and emotional development are nurtured, educators want evidenced-based SEL technology. Despite the rapid growth in quality SEL programs and curricula, implementing SEL in ways that are successful and sustainable is a challenge.

This book will be helpful if you have questions such as:

  • What is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)?
  • How does SEL work within a 3-tiered prevention and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)?
  • What is the evidence for SEL?
  • What are some evidence-based SEL programs that might meet my students’ needs?
  • How do I choose a program out of all the ones on the market?
  • I’ve got a program, but how do I get started? It’s seems overwhelming!
  • How do I adapt programming for students with cognitive impairments, autism, and other special needs?
  • How can my middle school teachers coordinate and promote SEL principles across the school day?
  • Why are cultural adaptations so important and what are some strategies and examples for doing so with SEL?
  • How do I know if SEL is making a positive difference? How do we measure progress?
  • What are ways in which I can obtain administrative, faculty, and community support for SEL in my school?
  • How do I know if more social and emotional support is needed for my students, beyond what SEL can offer? How can I access these services for my students?

If you have questions about whether this book may be helpful to you or, are interested in additional training and support with SEL and your school, please contact Barbara Gueldner at: or call: 970-761-0041.

Order from Guilford Press, a favorite bookstore, or online vendor. This book is available as a print or e-book!