Making Shots Hurt Less: A Video Link

Do you dread going to your medical provider’s office when you know your child will need to receive a shot or have blood drawn? That visit can be particularly stressful for kids and parents alike.


The Centre for Pediatric Pain Research in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada ( developed a video for parents that showcases making this experience better for kids. The YouTube video, just over 2 minutes long, provides some easy suggestions you can use right away. The video is available in English and French.


Talk to your kids about some of the strategies they can use. Find out what you can bring to the visit to help with distraction during the injection….music, videos, games, or books. You can also sing songs and tell stories.



It Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Strategies for Helping Children with Shots and Needles.

A YouTube Video for Parents


En Francais:

Ça n’a pas besoin de faire mal – Conseils pour aider les enfants à recevoir une piqûre

Une vidéo sur YouTube à l’intention des parents