Update on Children and Media Use

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a policy statement on children and their use of media. On October 28, 2013, National Public Radio (NPR) featured a story on this updated policy. Some highlights:

  • Passive screen time is still discouraged for children under 2 years. This means allowing young children to watch TV and videos is not recommended because of the risk that children will lag behind in development (e.g., language).
  • Use of Skype or FaceTime might be ok for kids 0 to 2 years, because it’s interactive.
  • There’s no conclusive evidence that apps and educational games are beneficial.
  • Make a plan as a family regarding the types of media used, the amount of time allowed using any kind of media, and when breaks are mandatory. For guidelines, visit the   AAP’s Family Media Use Plan link.