Babies and Toddlers Podcast Series

Check out a podcast series from the organization ZERO TO THREE! Little Kids, Big Questions is a series of 12 podcasts geared to answer common questions that parents have regarding parenting babies and toddlers. Topics include:

  • The importance of fathers
  • Partnering with your children’s caregivers
  • How self-esteem develops and what you can do to promote it
  • Feeding
  • The influence of media
  • Self-control in young children
  • Sleep
  • Brain development
  • Understanding our own histories while we are parenting

ZERO TO THREE board member, Ann Pleshette Murphy, hosts the show and interviews renowned experts on these topics. Each podcast is about 20 minutes long—-perfect for those small windows of time you have to do anything for yourself!  I am enjoying the practical advice, backed by good science. Podcasts are also available in Spanish.

For more information on ZERO TO THREE, check out their website at: