Welcome to Successful Kids Today

Successful Kids Today was created with a vision for providing information to parents and professionals who work with and care about children and adolescents. Increasingly and over the last several years, I have appreciated accessing online resources from reputable organizations who educate the public on issues relevant to children’s mental and physical health. As a psychologist, I regularly review these sources, as well as published research, to get the most up-to-date perspectives on issues affecting kids.  The Successful Kids Today website will highlight this information and blog entries on topics of interest to parents, educators, and medical providers. As you look through the information provided, I hope you find information that is predictably and perhaps, unexpectedly, interesting and helpful.

Why Successful Kids Today? Countless adults are committed to guiding children toward being successfulSuccess does not mean perfection. To me, it means having a positive experience, however great or small, and usually after some effort. We want kids to find a sense of purpose, fulfillment and contribution to their communities in ways that are meaningful to them! There is a prime window of opportunity during childhood and adolescence where adults can positively impact childhood development and increase the likelihood that success will follow for all kids. During my career, I have been awed by thousands of kids who met personal challenges with bravery, strength, and persistence. I’ve watched kids make a good friend, face fears and enjoy life in a way never before imagined, negotiate privileges with their parents, take care of a chronic health condition with independence and responsibility, learn a bus route to get to a new job, tackle procrastination and finish a school project with confidence and pride, find unanticipated delight in the discovery of a new hobby…the list is endless. And, I have observed adults taking time to encourage and believe in kids, and together, experiencing the sheer joy of progress and accomplishment.

If you are accessing the resources made available on this website, you are taking a step toward participating in a dynamic process today. Perhaps you’ll learn that greeting a child with a smile at first sight helps them feel valued. At your next opportunity, greet one lucky preschool-age kid with a smile! Or you discover practical strategies you can use to talk to teens about safely using social media. As a pediatric medical provider, you integrate this information into the services you provide at your healthcare clinic. Or perchance, the series on resilience caught your attention and you talk to your fellow educators about how your school can boost a child’s ability to bounce back from stress. My hope is that this website will  unlock for you the many possibilities for teaching, working with, caring for, and supporting children in attaining their personal and very important goals.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and best wishes,

~Barbara Gueldner