Posted in July 2012

Resilience: Learning to Ride the Waves

I’d still do immunization, but I’d do it psychologically rather than biologically. ~Jonas Salk, 1985, on the 30th anniversary of his discovery of the polio vaccine One of the most important characteristics we can encourage in children is resilience—the ability to bounce back from inevitable life stressors. Kids face numerous challenges today and we expect … Continue reading

Back To School

The dog days of summer continue to simmer, while many students enthusiastically or begrudgingly return to school, forgetting notions of just one more swim at the pool or extended video game duel. Some kids are eager to reconnect with classmates, discover a vibrant classroom, and join extracurricular activities. Some are indifferent and for others, the … Continue reading

Welcome to Successful Kids Today

Successful Kids Today was created with a vision for providing information to parents and professionals who work with and care about children and adolescents. Increasingly and over the last several years, I have appreciated accessing online resources from reputable organizations who educate the public on issues relevant to children’s mental and physical health. As a … Continue reading