Update on Children and Media Use

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a policy statement on children and their use of media. On October 28, 2013, National Public Radio (NPR) featured a story on this updated policy. Some highlights: Passive screen time is still discouraged for children under 2 years. This means allowing young children to watch TV and videos … Continue reading

Social-emotional Learning in the News

Check out this article in the New York Times, that profiles social-emotional learning. A few top researchers are interviewed and a case is made for how social-emotional learning holds promise as a way to build social, emotional, and academic competence in youth. A 2011 meta-analysis is also referenced, which reviews the most updated research on … Continue reading

Babies and Toddlers Podcast Series

Check out a podcast series from the organization ZERO TO THREE! Little Kids, Big Questions is a series of 12 podcasts geared to answer common questions that parents have regarding parenting babies and toddlers. Topics include: The importance of fathers Partnering with your children’s caregivers How self-esteem develops and what you can do to promote … Continue reading

Sleep Resources

  How’s the bedtime routine going? Are you and your partner on the same page with expectations, limits, and enforcing them? Did you cut back on or eliminate caffeine? Did your child exercise, but not too late in the day? Did you have a “de-clutter” time to make the sleeping space more inviting? I hope … Continue reading

Getting good Zzzzzzz’s

How has your sleep been in the last week? How about your child’s? Did you have a chance to jot down notes regarding when you and/or or child goes to bed, falls asleep, and wakes up? Notice anything surprising? I notice that I feel much better if I stick to a schedule of going to … Continue reading

Sleep: How Much Do Kids Need?

One spring, a new dog came to live in my home—a welcome addition to my family. That autumn, I noticed change in his “bedtime routine.” He was putting himself to bed earlier than he had in the spring and summer seasons. Some nights, I’d watch perplexed as he padded off around 6PM and settled himself … Continue reading